Resume from Hendrik te Winkel -

Name: Hendrik te Winkel
Address: Buiten Kadijken 20
1018 ZS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: 020 - 639 16 16
Date of birth: 13 Oct. 1961

1981 Pre-University Graduation
1981-1986 Computer Science - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1983 Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Work and experience:

june 2006 - VOD Architect
UPC Broadband

jan. 2003 - jan. 2006 Research employee
Philips Research
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Within the SAVG group I work as a Software Engineer on projects involving Audio, Video and 3D Computer Graphics.

1999-2002 Sr. Technical Consultant
De Meern, Netherlands

Sr. Technical Consultant Digital Media at the Professional Services department of SGI Netherlands and EMEA.
This department focusses on Streaming Media in Broadcast and Broadband environments. Strong focus on projects concerning streaming and digital media for a wide variety of Media/Entertainment companies.
System integration skills in areas like DVB playout, SDTV and HDTV record and playback, Video on Demand and Interactive TV, Video and 3D Graphics integration, etc. etc.
Projects I have worked at and succesfully delivered included close co-operation with partnering companies in the area of Broadband and Broadcast Media, throughout the world, with the most focus on Europe.

Hardware/ Software SGI Onyx, Origin 300/3000 and 200/2000, O2, Octane
Thirdspace OVS, Kasenna MediaBase, SGI VideoServer Technology, SAN, CXFS, storage systems, DVB-ASI protocols MPEG1/MPEG2 video(tools) C, C+,+, Perl.
Additional experiences Author/tutor of Thirdspace OVS and Kasenna MediaBase Course trainings, project management and customer engagement trainings, presentation skills trainings, bid/sales pitch presentations. International project delivery, customer and partner liaison for digital media projects.

october 1997-september 1999 Systems Programmer
NOB Interactive
Hilversum, Netherlands

Systems and network programmer at the Innovation department
Working on a ADSL trial that consists of delivering Streaming Video and Live TV broadcasts to a testbed of 1000 networked clients.

Hardware/ Software SGI Onyx, Origin 2000, O2, Octane
SGI MediaBase, FibreChannel disks, ATM, C, C++, Perl.

august 1996-july 1997 Systems Integrator & - Programmer
Tippett Studio
Berkeley, USA

Maintaining, administring SGI workstations and servers, system software and networks.
Maintaining and installing 3rd party software.
Writing network/systems programs, additional optimization programs, network daemons, renderqueuemanagers, etc.

Hardware/ Software SGI Challenge servers (XL, L and S), SGI Indigo2, Indy and Indy's, ATM hardware and software, Livingston, SoftImage, A|W Animator, A|W Composer, Photoshop, PRman, Avid Elastic Reality, Amazon, PCP, RapidApp, OpenGL, various other frequently used Internet/GNU packages. C, C++, Perl.

1995-1996 Web Developer & Network Manager
World Online Naarden

Installing, maintaining, developing WWW servers and all associating software and hardware.
Developing Web server software, -scripts, -content and installing and maintaining those. Management of the Unix (SGI) systems involved in the World Online WWW servers.
Providing and maintaining a solid technical environment for WWW server software for both World Online and its customers (business and end-users).
Designing WWW servers, and providing parts of the graphical (3D) contents.
Installing firewalls and routers.

Hardware/Software SGI, Sun, Ascend, Cisco, Mac, Unix, Networking, ISDN, C, HTML, Java, MacroMind, 3D Animation software, Netscape Server software

1994-1995 Systems- & networkmanager

Management of all hardware, software and network infrastructure of ELECTROGIG, both at Amsterdam and Worldwide (San Francisco and HongKong)
Hooking up ELECTROGIG Amsterdam and ELECTROGIG USA to the Internet.
Installation and management of DNS, sendmail, news and various other software to provide all employees a good and solid connection to the Internet.
Configuring of routers and firewalls.
Installation and management of WWW servers.
Adding networkfunctionality to commercial software.
Integration and improvement of HTML browsers in those products.
Systemmanagement of a wide variety of Unix computers. Setting up of ISDN and dial-in connections

Hardware/Software SGI, Sun, HP, IBM, Mac, Cisco, many Unix-es, TCP/IP, Ascend, Shiva, C, scripting-languages, Novell, ATM, ISDN, HTML, 3D Animation

1989-1994 Senior Computer Consultant
Department of Computing Affairs
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Computer consultant and employee of the Centre for Information and Support within the Department of Computing Affairs of the Vrije Universiteit.
Technical consulting and support of faculties, ranging from Unix systemmanagement, Email & News installation, to local network management, etc.
Installation and management of WWW servers and special Campus Wide Information Services-projects.
Advisor on future computer-strategies for faculties and university.
Management of the TCP/IP network of the department and the Campuslan of the university.
Coordination of the various contracts with hardware and software vendors.

Hardware/Software Sun, SGI, Next, Mac, PC, TCP/IP, various Unix-flavours, C, scripting-languages, Banyan/Vines

1986-1989 Research employee
Department of Psychology
IZF-TNO Soesterberg

C programmer and systemadministrator of the department Psychology.
Programming for the benefit of psychological experiments. Including programs for the real-time measurement of human physiological functions like heartbeat, respiration, bloodpressure. Programs for displaying stimuli, timing responses and collecting other statistical data, FFT and AD/DA conversions.
Management of data and computers, installation and maintenance of software. Education of new employees and interns in the use computers.
Networkmanagement of the department.

Hardware/Software PC's, Sun, Amiga, Atari, AD/DA hardware, physiological measuring systems, C, Systat, MS-Dos, SunOS, DecNet, TCP/IP
1985-1986 Unix systemadministrator
Faculty of Psychology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Unix system-management of all kinds: adding users, software install and maintenance, printers installation, backups, C and shell programming.

Hardware/Software BSD Unix on Vax and PDP computers